How to convince your Corporation that Design is of Strategic Importance?

The first thing that design should be able to do is to clearly articulate the value it is offering. And if intention is design to become strategic, then it is important to be able to articulate strategic value of design.

Figure: Link between design and a strategic intent of a business with its daily activities
scheme presenting link between design, strategic intent and day-to-day activities
Source: Turner, 2000, p. 147

How to achieve the strategic level? Important is to know how to quantify the contribution of design. And at the same time it is important to know, how design will become the essential strategic resource to achieve overall mission of the organization. When design is taken seriously in the business process it is important to remember that establishing and maintaining mutually valuable relationship and being ready for design counselling to everyone in the organization is of critical importance. And last but not least to work with business people and not for business, if design is to be a strategic partner is important to remember too (Phillips, 2002).

We assume now that design has been successful on convincing the organization on importance of its strategic nature. In this case it should be pretty straightforward to establish a clear and practical link between the strategic intent of a business and its day-to-day activities (Turner, 2000, p. 47), as presented in the Figure abowe.

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Marko Savić
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