The slide presenting the Knowledge on design management

Why is the knowledge of design management important?

The knowledge on design management is a matter of professional survival for everybody in design industry. Be that your are a designer, creative or art director, a design consultancy or brand/marketing manager at the corporation. Knowing that the value of design lies in the rights of use is your basic strategy for being the first in the market strategy and not me-too strategy.

This post was part of my presentation competing at the WBPC10.

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Why is the knowledge on design management important? To whom should it be important?

For me design management was a discovery as I confounded a design consultancy, Vizuarna. And design management was one of the motivations why I was writing my masters thesis, also at this blog.
The slide presenting the Knowledge on design management
It just happened I was visiting Berlin and in the Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin, where I bought three books titled Design Management. Different authors were contributing to each part of these books. And from one of the articles, the one that is still my favourite post (Every design cost should include the cost for the rights of use) I realized that there is an absolute necessity to separate the costs for design work and for the rights of use. Later on one the key clients at my design consultancy has asked me if their offer for their new packaging had the costs for the rights of use included. The answer was no but based on the article from the Design Management book I was able to calculate the costs for the rights of use fairly quickly.

That’s why I say that the knowledge on design management is a matter of professional survival. And my guess is that this knowledge is important to everybody involved in design professionally, be that designers, creative and art directors, design consultancies or brand and/or marketing managers at the corporations. Every company should have one board member with the interest to cover design and design management.

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