Why is this blog into design innovations now?

“Studies have shown that design oriented firms in all kinds of industries have outperformed their more-traditional peers—that design and innovation go hand-in-hand with financial success.”

Design Council

At highly driven design companies they have a differentiation strategy where design is at their core. Those kinds of companies are market leaders’ trough design innovation. This is reflected in the non-technological innovations that are first-to-market in opposition to so called me-to innovations where design innovation are copied by followers.

—adapted from Kootstra, 2009

In these two quotes you will find the answer. I would like to develop my own company, already a strategic design consultancy, Vizuarna into a design innovations company. That is non-technological innovations. And in that manner I have an idea how to help other companies/organizations/students in their reporting efforts. More to follow. Stay tuned. :)

Duarte, Nancy. 2008. slide:0logy. The art and science of creating great presentations. p. 82
Kootstra, Gert L. 2009. The incorporation of design management in today’s business practises: An analysis of design management practises in Europe. Design Management Europe: ADMIRE programme, 63 p.

Marko Savić
I’m raising awareness of the connection of business model innovation with design thinking. Have just published a book on business models design. You may wish to meet me in person at my next workshop or interact with me on Twitter.

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