Brand Perfect Tour in Hamburg

Will be taking place in Hamburg at 14. of June 2011. Under the slogan: Think Thank&Design Master Classes. Get INVOLVED!

It is a gathering for brand managers, designers and developers. There will be exchange of strategies and technologies, joint by brand consistency in digital all around us. That’s the promise. I’ll report what actually happened. Twitter hash-tag is #brandperfect.

The whole event will take place Hotel East Hamburg at Simon-von-Utrecht Straße 3, 20359 Hamburg.

Morning sessions for all include:

  • Where the Brand Breaks (English) with Scott Ewings, Geschäftsführer, Fjord
  • Schrift & Benutzerfreundlichkeit in den Neuen Medien with Dan Reynolds, Schriftdesigner & typografischer Berater,Linotype
  • Ihre Marke im digitalen Raum, discussion mit Alessio Leonardi (Moderator)
  • One Web: Designing for Mobile and the Desktop (Englisch) with Phillip Clement, Marketingleiter, bemoko

In the afternoon I applied for the

  • User Interface Design (English) with Ken Soohoo, Director UI Technologies, Monotype Imaging; but interesting could be also
  • Brand Perfect Klinik für Brand-Manager

I’m quite excited to  take place at this Brand Perfect Tour.

Marko Savić
I’m raising awareness of the connection of business model innovation with design thinking. Have just published a book on business models design. You may wish to meet me in person at my next workshop or interact with me on Twitter.