Photo of the Iskra phone - design by Davorin Savnik

Three pillars to become an innovative organization

How to approach to innovation? Whether you are a public (or even government) agency, social entrepreneur or giant corporation.

The whole issue is treated like a cultural phenomenon. And while Slovenia had numerous examples already decades ago, when innovative individuals even managed to sell their own patents, usually abroad. We still have a number of small businesses that are leaders in their niche in the world.

Today it’s very difficult in large commercial and public organizations to identify new breakthroughs, disruptive or innovative services and products that would have been recognized as competitive in the wider environment, if not globally. At the same time everywhere is a clear recognition that today products themselves do not provide anything more. At most, they can be redundant. If there is ever the case, then it is today: less is more.

Photo of the Iskra phone - design by Davorin Savnik

The last example of globally recognized and competitive products in Slovenia was in the corporation Iskra till the 1980s. Iskra had in the early eighties, not only the phone as globally recongnized product but also developed a personal computer completely comparable with today’s giants Apple and Microsoft. The first company proved that less is more. And that the basis of organization is design. Whereas without design champion and leadership no organization can succeed on such a scale. What other thing have changed if we compare it with the eighties? In one word: complexity.

it is important:

  • to be able to identify problems,
  • to have a structured process of design thinking, and
  • to have leadership culture based on knowledge and experimentation.

Marko Savić
I’m raising awareness of the connection of business model innovation with design thinking. Have just published a book on business models design. You may wish to meet me in person at my next workshop or interact with me on Twitter.

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