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Business Model Innovation : Where’s the Key to Thick Value Design in Vigorous Companies/
Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov : Kje se skriva ključ do debelih vrednosti v prodornih organizacijah?

“I’m convinced that the business model innovation provides thick values to the vigorous companies of all types and sizes.”

Marko Savić, MA, MBA
Marko Savić MA, MBA
Marko Savic MA, MBA

Marko Savić is a business design coach. He is a professor of physical education who accidentally found himself in the business waters. An experienced business innovation manager and founder of dŠola Ljutomer.

After finishing the studies at the Faculty of Sport at the University of Ljubljana he has managed to successfully defend two master theses while pursuing his career. The first one in media studies and the latter in business administration. His mission is to raise awareness of the connection of the business model innovation with the design thinking.

Marko particularly enjoys empowering and connecting colleagues from within the design and other creative and cultural industries with the business innovation community.


P. S.: The book is also available in all good bookstores in Slovenia.


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