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Business Model Innovation : Where’s the Key to Thick Value Design in Vigorous Companies/
Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov : Kje se skriva ključ do debelih vrednosti v prodornih organizacijah?

Cover design: Polonca Peterca
Design: Polonca Peterca

Author of the book: Marko Savić

Cover Page No. Dimensions
Hard-cover 184 19.5×22.5 cm

Price: 37,50 €

The book “Business Model Innovation : A Key to Thick Value Creation in Vigorous Companies” was published to provide examples of different approaches and ways of solving problems with design thinking and business model innovation.

The author firmly believes that constructive strategies connected with design thinking and business model innovation lead to prosperity for current and future communities. Not only for companies and individuals, but also for society as a whole.

Start your new business models design today.


P. S.: The book is also available in all good bookstores in Slovenia.


home > buy the book > about the book


  1. olivierlehe

    Interoperability is increasingly seen as critical for business success, but what is it? Simply put, it is the ability to work together.
    Interoperable organizations are those that can easily exchange information and subsequently make use of that information.
    Interoperability allows organizations to work without barriers and without extra effort with other systems or organizations.
    Individuals have already become highly interoperable, thanks to tools such as the social networks Facebook and Instagram, which both have hundreds of millions of users. These networks add value insofar as they promote communication and the exchange of information, making our lives feel more fulfilled. Without such tools, how would we keep in touch in a world where less time exists to socialize? Of course, connecting online shouldn’t be a substitute for face-to-face, but it does help us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves and to see other things happening around us more clearly.
    If you are interested, I have posted an article about Learning Innovation that you can read here: