The importance of language in a Business Model Design workshop

Business Model Design is a language by itself. But of great importance to the participants of the business model design workshop is to really understand the language of the tools being used, f.e. of the Business Model Canvas. Lesson for the coaches is to listen and adjust accordingly to the participants of the workshops.

For me it was quite a surprise to realise the importance of language at the business model design workshops.

At one such workshop for the event management company in Ljubljana after the intro presentation we went on to the business model canvases. I was just about to divide participant into groups, when the CEO of the company realised the canvases were not in Slovene but in English. He was totally upset. I translated immediately that weekend the Business Model canvas to Slovene and printed a few copies of it on a large format. The experience on a workshops that followed was much better. People were actually reading the building blocks of the Canvas. Even listeners to my presentation at the Business process’ conference at the Economic faculty in Ljubljana (October 2013, Slovene) couldn’t take the eyes of the Canvas in Slovene (well, maybe my presentation was so dull).

That’s the reason why we prepared the Business Model Canvas for our German workshops in autumn – in German (1537 x 863 pixel, 63 kB, .pdf).

p. s.: you may even wish to follow our blog German blog – Geschäftsmodelle gestalten.


Marko Savić
I’m exploring & researching the inter-dependence of the business model innovation with design thinking. You may wish to hire me as a Business Design Coach or Senior Lecturer in Design Management or as a Key-Note Speaker at your next event.

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