Cyins of Creativity Leisure&Tourism-, and Agro-Foods Industry seminar

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“How can tourism businesses benefit each other? This is a question for many in the tourism industry not only locals in Cyprus, especially because the city of Paphos is facing – more than other districts – the effects of seasonality and the lingering impact of the economic crisis.

Through an open-air factory, the Mosaic Perspectives seminar gave participants the chance to collectively examine and develop innovative and creative solutions for the commercial challenges faced by the sector. During the event, the speaker highlighted various aspects of the industry with particular attention paid to ways of setting up a successful business.

In a project led by Marko Savić, business designer, Design for Europe, attendees were given the task to delve into the world of entrepreneurship through a carefully designed workshop that offered useful insights analyzing the classic Business Model Canvas template.

Participants coming from various backgrounds offered their own interpretations and thoughts on a start-up’s value propositions, key resources, and revenue streams, while they also had the opportunity to discover the story behind the highly-controversial venture Airbnb, a community marketplace where travelers can book private accommodation around the world.

Along the same lines, Benjamin Brown, policy adviser, Design Council UK, informed attendees on the significance of design for the overall image and future development of a company and cited the example of successful entities like Google and Apple that following careful planning of how they present themselves to the world, managed to excel in their respective fields.” –Maria Kazeli (Travel Trade Cyprus, Issue 35, January 2016)


November 17th-18th, 2015


Paphos, Palia Ilektriki Municipal Cultural Centre; Cyprus


Cyins of Creativity (Mahbir Thukral) & Design for Europe


home > hire me as > a business design coach > photo galleries > cyins of creativity leisure&tourism-, and agro-foods industry seminar

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