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This is a blog of the business model innovation coach turned into Senior Lecturer in Design Management. It has started in 2008, while I was preparing my master thesis ‘Corporate design strategy and branding: The role of design management in developing the corporate identity’.

Fast forward and ten years later, in autumn 2018 I enrolled into the interdisciplinary doctoral programme of the University of Ljubljana in Environmental Protection, so I expect to start writing about the environmental management, sustainable mobility and energy and related topics soon.

Just two months before my new academic engagement, in August 2018 I managed – together with several partners to formalise an initiative on cross-border infrastructure, sustainable mobility, public health and sports into Mura’s institute for infrastructure development, where I serve as Acting Director. In 2019 I worked part time at the Centre for Health and Development as Project Manager, Murska Sobota. Views on this blog are entirely my own.

As an avid reader it is likely that there will be some more book reviews published on this blog. And other experiences of mines, be that from my professional or from my personal life.

Marko Savić, Senior Lecturer in Desin Management

“I believe in people, in relationships between people. That’s why I like to say – our prosperity comes down to the people involved. In other words, we should treat each other as we wish to be treated.”

Marko Savić, Senior Lecturer in Design Management


In August 2018, I co-founded Mura’s Institute for Infrastructure Development, where I serve as an Acting Director. At the Centre for Health and Development, Murska Sobota I worked in 2019 as the Project Manager (0.5 FTE).

As an experienced Design Manager and author of the book on business model innovation, I have been working as the Business Model Innovation Coach on several dozens of workshops, seminars and lectures. In October 2016 I started teaching as the Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the University of Primorska Faculty of Design, subjects of Brand Development Studio & Project Management.

After graduating at the Faculty of Sport, I completed two master’s of sciences studies while pursuing a career, at the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Ljubljana and at the Faculty of Economics of the Ljubljana University. Former in Anthropology of Everyday Life/Media Studies and latter in Business Administration/General Management. In autumn 2018 I enrolled in the University of Ljubljana interdisciplinary doctoral programme in Environmental Protection.

With two decades of experience in Business and Project Development, I’m a specialist in Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking, that together with Design Leadership form my book, published in 2014. I was a founder of the research institute dŠola Ljutomer and am co-founder of the Cona.center, beach volleyball development hub, Murska Sobota, where I’m pro-bono Hub’s Director.

You may wish to connect with me and like my Facebook page, interact with me on  Twitter or read my book reviews. It would be my pleasure to meet you  in person at my next event. Also, consider hiring me as your coach, a senior lecturer or a key-note speaker at your next event.


The beginnings of this blog go back to the 2008, where at the time this was a thesis in progress blog at the MBA international study of the ICPE and FE. I was writing mostly about

The masters thesis that was the reason for the start of the blog’s and its title:
Master’s thesis: ‘Corporate design strategy and branding: The role of design management in developing the corporate identity’

was presented and defended on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010, at 11:00 CET in P-201 at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics has appointed following members to the board:
+ president: Nevenka Hrovatin, PhD, Full Professor;
+ mentor: Vesna Žabkar, PhD, Full Professor; and
+ member: Tomaž Kolar, PhD, Assistant Professor.

It’s my pleasure to show the thesis presentation. And yes, the thesis was defended successfully. Master thesis presentation is also available on SlideShare, 15:34 min, even with my voice over.

Slides photo gallery. 19 slides.
Image of the slides from the Marko Savic's masters thesis.
Second image from the slides of  masters thesis from Marko Savić
The last slide from the Marko Savic's master thesis presentation

Mentor of the thesis was Vesna Žabkar, PHD, Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana.

Hopefully all the schoolmates at the MBA international study in the 2004/05 are mentioned. We have been:
—Shahabuddin Ahmad, —Neža Božič, —V. A. Chavda, —Marija Čebular Zajec, —Obaeda Jabeen, —Žiga Konjar, —Jaka Medvešček, —Anand Mohan Tiwari, —G. P. Mohapatra, —Marko Savić, —V. C. Semwal, —Tatjana Stojčeska, —Silva Strah, —S. N. Tripathi, —Asit K. Tripathy, —Jean-Pierre Vonarb, —Aleksandra Vračar, —Andraž Zupan.

ICPE is an International Center for Promotion of Enterprises. It had a long tradition of the international MBA (Master of Business Administration) study and is very conveniently located in the Bežigrad district of the capitol city of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

International MBA degree program as it was called in the 2004-2005 academic year contained the following modules:
—Management and Organization (Rudi Rozman); Quantitative Method & Statistics (Jože Čibej); —Management Information Systems (Miro Gradišar); —Human Resources Management (Stane Možina, Nada Zupan); —Financial & Cost Accounting (P. K. Jain); Operations Management (Jerry Huxell); —Project Management (Mihaly Gorog); —Financial Management (Silva Deželan); —Marketing Management (Tomaž Kolar, Vesna Žabkar, Maja Makovec Brenčič); —Managerial Economics (Nevenka Hrovatin); —International Business & Finance (Andrej Kumar); —Strategic Management (Danijel Pucko); —Business Environment (Marko Jaklič, Hugo Zagoršek); —Macroeconomics & Public Policy (Zarjan Fabjančič); —Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation (Miroslav Glas); —Organizational Behaviour & Organizational Development (Jon Anderson).

I enjoyed every single course (OK, maybe Operations were a bit boring). It was a perfect program for me, at that time with no formal education in economics or business.

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