Professor of Physical Education

My undergraduate study was taken from 1992 until 1998, when I graduated. Field of study: Social/Educational sciences, Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Sports Education, Sports Training.

My thesis title was: “Ugotavljanje funkcionalne obremenitve pri vadbi aerobike” (English: “Findings of the functional load analysis of the step-aerobic workout”). Mentor: Meta Zagorc, PhD, Assistant Professor and co-mentor, Radoje Milić, MD.

M. Sc., Anthropology of Everyday Life

My humanistic postgraduate programme of study was Anthropology of Everyday Life, Media Studies, language of instruction was Slovene and my average grade was 9.17. My master’s thesis mentor was Melita Zajc, PhD, Assistant Professor.

Core courses of this M. Sc. were: —Epistemology of the Humanities; —Anthropology of the Current World; —Political Anthropology; —Technicalistic home and family in between the media; —Psychoanalysis and Feminism (psychoanalysis, body policies); —Anthropology and Racism.

Professional & research profile

“Connecting authorities with economy through sustainable mobility for all, physical & mental health and sports by re-opening cross-border inter-regional railways connections and building long distance bicycling paths along these connections. We should think big, but start small!”