Cyins of Creativity Leisure&Tourism-, and Agro-Foods Industry seminar

How can tourism business benefit each other? This is a question for many in the tourism industry not only locals in Cyprus.
In a project led by Marko Savić, business designer, Design for Europe, attendees were given the task to delve into the world entrepreneurship through a carefully designed workshop that offered useful insights analysing the classic Business Model Canvas template.
Along the same lines, Benjamin Brown, policy advisor, Design Council UK, informed attendees on the significance of design for the overall image and future development of a company.

Interactive seminar: 3 ways insurgent companies create value

The purpose of the interactive seminar: 3 ways insurgent companies create value was to present some research findings that business model innovation brings value not only to companies but also to the society.
Seminar showed the connection of design thinking with new business models by using a creative game Marshmallow challenge. Seminar speaker and coach was Marko Savić, while moderation was done by Simona Rakuša.

At the seminar the book on business model innovation was presented (in Slovene: Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov: Kje se skriva ključ do debelih vrednosti v prodornih organizacijah?). The whole event was part of the Design for Europe project.

Citizen Focused Design Challenge 2014: Best Presentation Winners

Some of the world’s top experts in inclusive design were invited to be asked: How can design, architecture and urban planning help develop better, more innovative products, services and environments that are relevant for both private companies, the public sector and the individual?

The purpose of the 24-hour challenge was to demonstrate to a wider audience and workshops delegates the impact of involving a diversity of citizens in the process when developing new products, services or environments that include the needs of the widest possible range of people.

InCo Experience Conference: From Inspiration to Innovation

Photo album from the InCo Experience Conference: From Inspiration to Innovation in June 2014 in Ljubljana. It was an experience innovation conference presenting 12 technics by using gamification approach.
The aim of the conference was to develop non-technological innovation to meet the needs of conference activities; to enable people to undergo a unique systemic experience of (the whole) innovation process through 12 different techniques; to develop a commercial product for a new type of conferences / workshops on the principle of open innovation; to introduce experts from the Slovenian area, who can be involved in the development of the innovation process.
The conference gathered more than 100 participants.

International workshop: EU Business Model Innovation Platform

Workshop for business innovators to design European Business Model Innovation platform.
In the name of dŠola Ljutomer, we have invited approximately 50 business model innovators to design the EU Business model innovation platform. Some distinguished guests and partners from designaustria and Red Dot centre arrived and participated at the workshop.
The workshop was organised and facilitated by Marko Savić.