Boris Viktorovski’s testimonial from the business models design workshop

“I was pleasantly surprised by Marko Savić in the role of a lecturer. The material was presented in a clear and understandable manner and the connection of different parts of the workshop was done in an appropriate way. It is my pleasure to recommend the workshop and the experience I gained from it, because through the creation of new business models we learn how to work in a group and to find new or develop old business ideas.”

Tadeja Bucar’s testimonial from the business models design workshop at VE-ZA

“Workshop Design your new business models opened a new important aspect for me. Companies need to move away from business strategies/plans/visions/actions (or nothing!), into the reflection of the business model. The model that is presented is about the change of thinking and people working in design business can quickly adopt it and apply it. Since it is simple, understandable, and made for life it is something new and at the same time normal. At least for most businesses I know.”