How great leaders inspire action?

Golden circle is a pattern discovered by Simon Sinek why some leaders and organizations they lead consistently outperform others. It consists of three circles where the first is, Why you are doing what you are doing; the second is How you do what you do; and the third is What you do.

Design Profiles

In design we are able to name almost 40 career profiles.

Human resource expert and author, Roz Goldfarb, explains that not necessarily all of these profiles are from design schools, but they definitely have an important role to play in the design process.

The scope of design management

Design management practitioners’ are, among others also: design department managers, brand managers, creative directors, design directors, heads of design, design strategists, and design researchers, as well as managers and executives responsible for making decisions about how design is used in the organization. This rather broad scope of work can be focused if we look at design and management to: + design direction, + design realisation; and not least + design coaching.