Learn the new language of the business (model) design in one day

Business models are changing. Faster than ever. So, we better start designing our new, innovative and alternative business models today. Invest in our most important capability, to earn the new language of the business model design. We’ll learn what is the backbone of our business models, where the biggest opportunities of our business model are and not least what is the only rule in using the Business Model Canvas.

Book Reviews > The Element: A New View of Human Capacity

Ken Robinson in the book The Element: A New View of Human Capacity by Ken Robinson explains that lucky people tend to: + maximize chance opportunities; + listen to their intuition; + expect to be lucky; + have an attitude that allows them to turn bad luck to good; + know how they are intelligent. But, to find their element lucky people had to overcome their personal, social, and cultural “circles of constraints”.

Tadeja Bucar’s testimonial from the business models design workshop at VE-ZA

“Workshop Design your new business models opened a new important aspect for me. Companies need to move away from business strategies/plans/visions/actions (or nothing!), into the reflection of the business model. The model that is presented is about the change of thinking and people working in design business can quickly adopt it and apply it. Since it is simple, understandable, and made for life it is something new and at the same time normal. At least for most businesses I know.”