Three options to create value for the business and for the society

Your organisation has three possibilities to focus on in creating value for the business and for the society. First are processes. Second are new products and services’. And the third option, where you have the opportunity to create the most value are business models.

The good news is, all three options are not linearly connected but are rather independent from each other. Without any doubt, though: business model innovation brings the strongest value not only to business but also to the society.

About the author

About the author
Business designer Marko Savić with an MA in media studies and an MBA is the author of the book Business Model Design (in Slovene: Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov).

The mission of the book is to raise awareness of the connection of the business model innovation with the design thinking. […]

What is design strategy?

A design strategy follows a little different path than the technology adoption curve that follows a normal distribution. We differentiate between six different design strategies: : + Endorse; + Curate; + Integrate; + Economize; + Play; and + Refresh. Following these design strategies organisations build a sustainable competitive advantage by design.