Workshop: Business Model Design Wien [completed]

The Business model design workshop is a must for everybody who would like to evolve with a tool co-designed by 470 authors from 45 states. We will connect design thinking with business model innovation and instil the language of business model design into your vocabulary and day-to-day operations.

In only one day you’ll learn why never to write down on the Business Model Canvas, what is the backbone of your business model, and not least where are the biggest reserves of your business model. ere are the biggest reserves of your business model. The second day is the MasterClass for all who wish to dig deeper into business model design.

What is design strategy?

A design strategy follows a little different path than the technology adoption curve that follows a normal distribution. We differentiate between six different design strategies: : + Endorse; + Curate; + Integrate; + Economize; + Play; and + Refresh. Following these design strategies organisations build a sustainable competitive advantage by design.

Master’s Thesis in Short

The thesis The Corporate Design Strategy and Branding: The Role of Design Management in developing the Corporate Identity has: + 76 pages, + 26 figures, and + 6 tables. It was successfully defend in September 2010. It consist of four main chapters on: four chapters on: + corporate identity, + branding and brand architecture, + corporate design strategy, and + design management.

(Design) Strategy of a Non-Profit Organization

The Project H Design is based on 6 guiding principles, or we could call it also a design strategy. #1 We design through action. #2 We design systems not stuff. #3 We design with, not for. #4 We start locally and scale globally. #5 We document, share, and measure. #6 We build. Such a progressive design strategy makes us believe that design can and will change the world.