Borut Jurisic’s testimonial from the business models design workshop in Maribor

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Business Models Design


The Business and Industry Zone Tezno, Maribor


October 24th & 25th, 2013


As I have already advised at the workshop, I personally would certainly introduce the participants of the workshop with some “pre-story” before Business Model Canvas through which they would find themselves in the value chain (as defined by Skinner from London Business School). That has proved very necessary when we worked on the example of an educational institution. Why? Simple as that. We saw that there are three quite diverse value propositions and we do not know where to put ourselves. If the value chain would be elaborated, we would know where we belong (meaning, what we have in hands, and on that we can then build our business model).

Otherwise—unfortunately I have to give one criticism…
All together reminded me of an elementary school block hour in which we can see that the teacher is poorly prepared. It was a team work, where each group was to present what was designed—others should listen—and then work on the following example. There was no time for reflection about the feedback that any given group became. However, it was expected that all groups quietly listened to an explanation for the next group. That is to say, until the break, where we could finally talk about some case, there was so much information that you no longer remember most of the stuff and reflection is no longer meaningful. But if you cannot, within a group with which you work, make some analysis of what you’re doing, you’re not learning and you cannot remember your skills or internalise them truly. It reminded to solving mathematical equations, where each student comes to the board and resolves without really understanding what he’s doing.

Of course, they were also strong points of the workshop, but were not pronounced enough. For example, Business Model Canvas can be a great tool for pitching. It can be an excellent basis for the presentation of business ideas, especially when you have to accumulate financial resources for the implementation of the business plan. And absolutely, the The Marshmallow Challenge was very welcome, as it turned out, that too many people think too much and start late to concretion their ideas.

I hope that my feedback will help future workshop programmes for future participants. —Borut Jurišić, Desk Officer, Maribor Development Agency

home > testimonials > borut jurišić’s testimonial from the business models design workshop in maribor