Danilo Kozoderc’s testimonial from the business models design workshop in Maribor

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Business Models Design


The Business and Industry Zone Tezno, Maribor


October 24th & 25th, 2013


First, a general assessment of the workshop: Satisfied!

In the past I’ve already been on a similar but shorter workshop. I have already used Business Model Canvas for the reflection of our own business model. And I have even put Canvas in some training that I’ve undertaken. From the workshop, I expected to deepen that knowledge, and that I’ll be able to work on my own business model.

In designing its own business model I see a key problem in the fragmentation. Many small areas, taking time and energy, and one cannot draw a whole from a financial point of view. But they have a common denominator and challenges is how through this common denominator connect the dots together or maybe to cut some things off.

My feelings at the workshop were comfortable. There were no aversions. I liked the way of learning by working. I would even attend another similar workshop. I love to work in on one business model in several iterations. And gain some new knowledge about the business models design. The key value that I gained at the workshop is my awareness of the need to do prototyping of business models. One doesn’t necessarily need to use a lot of time for each iteration.

At the workshop I enjoyed the most the rapid prototyping of the business models and the spaghetti game. At least I liked some parts of the guest lecture.

If I name the three things at the workshop that were the most useful to me: + the mode of working, which was a very dynamic and cooperative; working in groups and the time limit which gives me inspiration for my own training’s; Marko’s slightly provocative way of coaching inspired me for my own work; + a practice of making business models itself; + Four variants of a business model for my case.

I will recommend this workshop to others because they will improve the skill of business models design, which is useful when considering one’s own company or project. If they already have a concrete idea or even a company, they will be motivated to reevaluate or reconsider it. —Danilo Kozoderc, Education and Innovation Management Consultant

home > testimonials > danilo kozoderc’s testimonial from the business models design workshop in maribor