Darinka Pek Drapal’s testimonial from the business models design workshop with Consensus

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Business Model Generation with Consensus


Consensus HQ


October 7th & 8th, 2013


Before the workshop I was not familiar with the methodology of Business Model Generation. Nevertheless, my expectation prior to the workshop were significant. Maybe even too high (If I look back now retrospectively). As the director of Consensus, of course, I have to actively participate in the business models design.

I see many problems in the business models design; in particular, it seems to me that before designing you have to perform a pretty good analysis of the situation (snapshot); work on business models – as we have practised these days, seems to me more like a wish list than as serious work. I am very sceptical to defining revenue streams without in-depth defined knowledge that you will reach your target groups, or not…

I’m missing a set of obstacles and a detailed description of the competition, a description of the market, where you wish to enter… because I find this essential to a business model definition (where am I different, where am I better, how am I going to communicate, etc…). These are all unknowns that business models which are highly susceptible to a business model.. Anyway, I wonder whether the presented business model design methodology is useful in our work and in planning, designing what? Development of the Consensus as a whole, the development of new products, etc… In short, the business model design method presented to me does not seem so efficient in the case of Consensus, that it could be successful because of it… and these are actually the problems that I see in the design of our business model.

At the workshop itself, I felt good otherwise. In the future, I do not know if I will attend similar workshops in an advanced stage because right now I can’t imagine, what would that be? The key value that I have gained from the workshop, is teamwork or better to say team building for our company.

The things I liked the most in this workshop: + we almost rediscovered the importance of thinking in a team (because we at Consensus are essentially individualistically oriented); and + that Marko pretty well manoeuvred among us and kept us in order and discipline, because we (as a result of individualism) are sometimes difficult to tame… in short discipline.

The selected examples didn’t impress me, because I’m well aware of Nespresso and Tata cases and I really have not learned anything new in these two cases. I didn’t like that there were products selected as cases and not services; that cases were not sufficiently analytically explained, but very much on a publicly visible platform known to anyone who has ever opened any business media. And from the introductory lecture, I expected a little more – more depth, perhaps more theory… the problem could be that in our company, we always think about our client’s management, leadership, their services and products and all that in a very comprehensive manner. We are different than probably other companies that don’t have such a width as we’ve got in our thinking.

To name three things that were the most useful for me in the workshop: + colour coding; + teamwork; and + speed and efficiency.

Would I recommend the workshop to my friends? On this question I can’t answer right now, since I don’t have friends and acquaintances who would require the business models design. Maybe in some specific problem with some of our clients, of course, will I consider using this methodology. —Darinka Pek Drapal, CEO and partner, Consensus

home > testimonials > darinka pek drapal’s testimonial from the business models design workshop with consensus