Luka Madjar’s testimonial from the business models design with Consensus

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Business Model Generation for Consensus


Consensus HQ


October 7th & 8th, 2013


The first time I heard about the business model generation was in the 2010 at a summer school in the Netherlands and then again in the 2011 in Vienna. In the first and second case, tutors did not know how to use it, really. They used it more to ensure that we got a macro view on what is necessary to think about when thinking about business ideas. The big difference is also if you use the Business Model Canvas in the company of students with no real business experience or with the group of coworkers at your company, as it was the case in our workshop. This second experience with Marko was better.

Expectations prior to the workshop… I’ve seen as an opportunity that we as a team move away from a daily routine, and that we have a useful team building, look at things from a fresh perspective, get to know the method that would benefit us in the work of the future.

At the workshop I felt good. It was a 100 % offset of the daily work routine. Time limit to nine minutes to design each business model is otherwise stressful, but I understand the point of it. And I do plan to attend similar workshops. After this workshop, I was clearer about the potential application of the method. I believe I’m going to use it again.

At the workshop I enjoyed the most the dynamic teamwork of the entire company and external partners. I was the least satisfied with the nine minute time restrictions and lack of focus in the design of business models, especially the second day, when we were designing concrete examples. But, to name the most useful matters: + teamwork; + business models design methodology training; + a significant deviation from the everyday routine of public relations management.

I will recommend the workshop to the team of the Regional Centre of the Creative Economy at the RDA LUR and to a colleague who is taking over the family business and dealing with the problem of generational change, the crisis in business and a lack of vision and occupied colleagues. —Luka Madjar

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