Arhivi: Testimonials

Majda Robic’s testimonial from the business models design workshop in Ljutomer

The workshop opens up completely new horizons in the preparation of business plans and presented Business Model Canvas opens up the existing holes in the very layout of the business system.

The Hemp World Congress team has by using knowledge from the workshop perfected the business plan for known foreign investors. We deal with the existing holes in the system development of the project European Technology Development Centre of the Industrial Hemp and new funding opportunities. We will continue to process additional new and original ways of funding the system and strengthening the backbone of the project… of course, because of the new knowledge acquired at the workshop.


Luka Madjar’s testimonial from the business models design with Consensus

The first time I heard about the business model generation was in the 2010 at a summer school in the Netherlands and then again in the 2011 in Vienna. In the first and second case, tutors did not know how to use it, really. They used it more to ensure that we got a macro view on what is necessary to think about when thinking about business ideas. The big difference is also if you use the Business Model Canvas in the company of students with no real business experience or with the group of coworkers at your company, as it was the case in our workshop. This second experience with Marko was better.