Arhivi: Testimonials

Lucija Mak Uhan’s testimonial from the business models design with Consensus

Before the workshop I haven’t been introduced to business models. I didn’t even think about them. I took participation at the workshop as a challenge, as new experience.

The two-day workshop was otherwise very tiring because Marko was inexorable and takes care that no second aimed at the workshop is lost. Very little theorising, the right amount of examples of successful business models from the real world, and a lot of practical work. That’s why I enjoyed the workshop. It certainly proofs that we can, together, with different views design a very interesting business models.


Snezna Sustersic’s testimonial from the business models workshop for the Development Agency Sora in Skofja Loka

Although I was one of the slightly more experienced during the workshop in Škofja Loka, at the same time I was completely free of expectations. Namely, I didn’t know the Business Model Canvas at the time. The lecture began very “school” like. Which I in the times of informal education and long after high school I somehow didn’t expect. So, at the beginning I didn’t understand how will the workshop progress.