Roland Petek’s reference from the business models innovation coaching with Marand

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Business Model Innovation with Marand


Marand HQ


October 2nd & 3rd, 2013


In autumn of 2013 we conducted a business modeling workshop with Mr. Marko Savić, MA, MBA.

In mid-2013 Marand had its Think!EHR Platform software developed to a level that needed a go-to-market strategy. Many possible ways were opening up and among them a pressing need for a new website became apparent. We knew there were multiple target audiences that we needed to touch, however, we found it necessary to link the communication with all these audiences to solid business thinking. Business modeling seemed to be the answer to the challenge. That’s why we invited Marko, one of the leading business modeling professionals in Slovenia, to conduct a two-day business model innovation workshop with us.

There was no hesitation about engaging Marko Savić, however, we did have hesitation about whether business modeling would fit into our culture that lauds technological brilliance over everything else. Nevertheless, Marand did realize that business modeling is a methodology that we should at least learn about if not directly practice.

We were satisfied with the delivery of a two-day business model innovation workshop by Marko Savić. Two things stood out:

  • one) Marko never faltered when he required at least 15 of the best people of Marand to participate. This requirement was tremendously helpful because it established the top-level importance of the workshop even before the workshops started.
  • two) Marko’s overall delivery of the workshop was solid but not superior throughout the workshop, however, the ending, his last business model canvas that he created personally in front of the whole group was great. And not just that, it had a lasting impact in Marand.

The target audiences and their roles were the main benefits of the business coaching, plus their intertwining became apparent and all of these was carried onto our subsequent work. The web page was launched in April 2014, international business success came soon after that.

It is hard to say that Marko’s workshop had a direct link to the successes, yet we do acknowledge that bringing together our software and business teams is important, and Marko’s workshop accomplished this.

We recommend Marko as a business model development coach. His understanding of contemporary theory and practice is sound, his delivery is strong, with a devotion that tops all. —Roland Petek

home > testimonials > roland petek’s reference from the business models innovation coaching with marand