Simona Špilak, M. Sc., Founder and Consultant at BOC Institute

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May, 2013


The presentation we designed with Marko as a presentation design coach, was used for a European level meeting of our company, with a broader audience in a plenary session, where we needed to present a new business model in a very short, structured form. The audience was very diverse (people from marketing, sales, finance, supply teams; different levels of management).

The message had to be very clear, simple, yet it had to deliver content, which could be useful by other business of different, mainly bigger European markets. Only fifteen minutes were available for presenting the success story from a rather small market. There were two goals to achieve within the presentation: + useful content for various businesses; and + respecting the presentation time limit.

My challenges before turning to Marko, were related to the format of the presentation. Namely, it’s not an easy task to attract the audience of altogether 200 people. The second challenge was to deliver a useful content to bigger market representatives than ours by presenting a story of a successful small market business model. Satisfaction of the design presentation we created together with Marko can be measured with the response to and the success of the presentation. The audience at the plenary session was not only “hooked”, but all of them were leaving the session with the same key message, whereby not forgetting about the presenter and the presentation itself. Great success and the content of the presentation were discussed even later, not at the session only.

The structure of the coaching session was extremely good. Starting with the preparation, presentation format, it’s structure, content design and ending with the presenter performance. The biggest advantage of using Marko’s coaching, was strong and structured leadership through the whole process, which always keeps you on the track, focusing on the goal of your project. All of that clearly speaks about the experience of the coach and his will to understand his client challenge, when transforming that challenge into a strong result, be that a presentation, expected performance or a project management.

The whole process of coaching was very beneficial. Though beside already all mentioned, it teaches the client, that even that you are “on top” of your topic and content, you have to prepare and train for every single presentation or project, focus on clear and simple message and adapt it to the audience you are speaking to. All those are known, but it was great to be reminded of it in the most useful and beneficial form it can be done. Meaning, It will save a lot of time for our next project, presentation. And that is the key: time management, bringing great outcomes!

I would warmly recommend Marko’s coaching to all the companies and their teams. Not only to those who are beginners or those who are establishing a new company or having to deal with a new project or presentation [even for the first time]. I would recommend Marko’s coaching of presentation design to all experienced business people, presenters and speakers. It will bring refreshment and focus into your thinking and business dealing. And Marko has a design team always available that will ensure a great delivery. —Simona Špilak, Founder and Consultant at BOC Institute

home > testimonials > simona špilak, m. sc., founder and consultant at boc institute