Tadeja Bucar’s testimonial from the business models design workshop at VE-ZA

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Design your new business models


Workshop for VE-ZA, a non-profit organisation for creativity and social development, Trbovlje


January 18th, 2012


At work I solve communication challenges for a wide variety of companies and organisations. Lately, I have noticed that the vast majority of organisations are somehow lost as the market in Slovenia reacts mostly to price. It is difficult for the businesses to admit that, especially the ones that have been on the market for some time. Price sensitivity, we know, is not something on which to bet, as there always may be someone who is and will be cheaper. So how do we design strategic communication, which should follow company’s business strategy?

Workshop Design your new business models opened a new important aspect for me. Companies need to move away from business strategies / plans / visions / actions (or nothing!), into the reflection of the business model. The model that is presented is about the change of thinking and people working in design business can quickly adopt it and apply it. Since it is simple, understandable, and made for life it is something new and at the same time normal. At least for most businesses I know.

It is a concept that can make the foundations of each company. It offers tremendous options for change. The model goes from the idea to the adaptation of it. In short, it allows experimentation which is essential in the business environment.

Participation obligatory! Even for those who are just thinking or suspecting that they have a need for self-realisation in one of their business sides. So — highly recommended for start-ups, co-working spaces, conceptual initiatives, local communities and for those looking for integration of social needs with an economic unit. For your own mad ideas and their development.

The workshop is about how to connect the idea in your business and create an environment in which we are all happy and creative. Utopia? Absolutely not. Utopia is to believe that this is not possible. It is about a concept which comes in handy in everyday life. Meet the Canvas!

About Marko — at the workshop, he is the motivator, the expert and business strategy consultant, the man to talk to, great debater at lunch, “time keeper”, investor, trainer, storyteller, facilitator, and lecturer. It is obvious that he enjoys the workshop and learns from it himself.

It’s fun. —Tadeja Bučar, freelance / co-founder at VE-ZA / president of PUNKTcc

home > testimonials > tadeja bučar’s testimonial from the business models design workshop at VE-ZA