Learn the new language of the business (model) design in one day

Business models are changing. Faster than ever. So, we better start designing our new, innovative and alternative business models today. Invest in our most important capability, to earn the new language of the business model design. We’ll learn what is the backbone of our business models, where the biggest opportunities of our business model are and not least what is the only rule in using the Business Model Canvas.

Three options to create value for the business and for the society

Your organisation has three possibilities to focus on in creating value for the business and for the society. First are processes. Second are new products and services’. And the third option, where you have the opportunity to create the most value are business models.

The good news is, all three options are not linearly connected but are rather independent from each other. Without any doubt, though: business model innovation brings the strongest value not only to business but also to the society.

What can you as a blogger learn from business model innovation?

Story about successful business model innovation on the case of Alexander Osterwalder book Business Model Generation. The idea how to design your business model even if you have literally no resources. Always prototype your business model with at least one partner, set up a strict time lime for one business model design iteration, and most importantly never write on the business model canvas itself.