Design Strategy and the BCG Product Portfolio

Borja de Mozota has developed a classical method of Boston Consulting Group—product portfolio—for the use in design. The matrix could be the basis for a company to develop a design strategy.

In strategy formulation there is a classical method of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The BCG product portfolio classifies a product according to two axes: the relative market share and the growth rate of the market. This creates four product types and thus it is possible to create four types of design policy (de Mozota, 2003, p. 199-200) that could be the basis for the companies design strategy. How the design strategy could be used in the BSG product portfolio is presented in Figure below.

Figure: Design Strategy and the BCG Product Portfolio

Source: de Mozota, 2003, p. 200

Borja de Mozota, Brigitte. 2003. Design management: using design to build brand value and corporate innovation. Allworth Press. 281 p.

Marko Savić
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